Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Art Project for the Creatively Impaired...

We had the best of intentions.

My best friend is building her portfolio as a an archaeologist-mom by day,  professional photographer by major life event. The problem with this is, by reference to google maps, she lives approximately 10 hours and 55 minutes away from my new little niece and my sister. That's a bit far to travel for a photo shoot.

Fortunately for my sister, the hospital provides a fancy pants photographer to come in to the hospital room and take pictures of your baby. And you. In all of your "I just had this baby and I haven't slept for 28 hours" glory. For a mere mortgage on your home, you can have copies of all the photos from your one hour of trying to look natural in a hospital gown.


You can pretend you are a photographer with your twin sister and try really hard to recreate those gorgeous photos at home. When you have showered and slept almost through the night. And your baby looks more like a baby than a miniature Winston Churchill.

Magical photographic moments are be created by Elizabeth.

Magic photographic moments cannot be created by the A-Twins.

Allow me to illustrate.

First, I present....Look at My Foot
And now...I Don't Want to be a Strawberry.

And finally....I am a Little Cloud

It's Okay, Baby...your Auntie doesn't do well in front of the camera either. Glamour shots may not be a good investment for us. Ever.

 It is hard not to burst into giggles when the baby won't pose right. I am not sure how Elizabeth does it....Perhaps we should just stick to the candid shots and hope for a good one!

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C said...

Still adorable no matter the photographer! Both of you!