Monday, June 10, 2013

In which we learn we were fishing the wrong way.

Last week, Archy G and I were invited out for some fresh air and fishing with Archy G's kid brother and his family. We shall henceforth call them: Team MMH.

It was an absolutely beautiful day; lots of sunshine, not so many bugs, and lots and lots of cousin time for Archy G's Littles and the MMH Juniors. There were water guns, goldfish, grapes, giggles, and conversation with adults that did not result in more work assignments, temper tantrums or mandatory nap times. The kids were well behaved too! 

As you can safely assume because it is summer and we are nothing if not determined, Archy G and I have been trying our hands at fishing the last couple of weeks. We have been met with little success despite the addition of two small fisherpeople.
We caught one fish on our trip before this last week. Archy G balks when I say "WE caught the fish," so allow me to translate... Archy G caught one fish on one of the last remaining worms that had not been drowned or turned into "little baby worms," Biggest Little threw said fish into the creek, stringer and all, because it "Has to stay in the water" and I, as the only wearer of roll-up-able pants and Chacos, had to wade into the creek with a 6 foot long branch to retrieve our dinner. So yes, "WE" caught the fish.

We have not been so good at the fishing this year.

We finally figured it out turns out...we've been doing it wrong!

  As you can see by this instructional photo featuring Team Captain MMH, one should not be looking down or casting into bodies of water for fish. No, no! Up! Look up! Into the sky! It's not a bird! It's not a plane! It's a Sponge Bob and Patrick Starfish!

 See the wonder and amazement?
 Here, witness brotherly lessons in catching Barbie and Cinderella Fish...
 Barbie Fish in her natural habitat.
It looks like a whopper!

   Success for all!

I only wish I had taken more photos throughout the day. 

While I am enjoying teasing these cool is it that these Dads stopped fishing to fly kites for their girls?!?

Thanks again for the hospitality...and fishing lessons... Team MMH! We enjoyed it tremendously. It was the perfect Thursday, really. We should probably do that again soon.

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