Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When a tantrum is on the horizon.

A few days ago, Archy G's littlest girl laid on the floor with no pants on and threw a tantrum because she wanted to go outside.

I get that she was trying to express some very serious emotions about the situation - most of which I probably do not understand, but I have to say....I was a little inspired.

Archy G and I have been discussing the effectiveness of such behavior and wondering if it would work in real adult life. What happens if I lay on the floor and kick my feet when my work deadlines are moved from tomorrow to yesterday, yet again? Will my schedule stop being overbooked if I take off my pants and scream "I WANNA GO OUTSIDE" when I have to cancel my field projects and sit at the computer for the rest of the week?

I am sure there are some more mature options available to me...I'm just sayin. I might get my way.

In the meantime, Archy G and I are working double time to save our sanity. Because let's be realistic...if I am admiring the tantrum style of a 2 1/2 year old, things are getting bleak.

Our road to sanity maps out a little like this:

1. Take a left at Three and end up Four, where you can celebrate with lots and lots of purple.
Purple vans, purple bathing suit, and Twilight Sparkle, oh my!

Sometimes the packaging is smarter than the Dad.
2. Detour at dinner for Angel Food Cake ala Archaeology A & G
Our 3rd  this year...and this was the best yet!
Trick candles are still only funny to me.

Utensils are just an accessory. So are manners, but hey, it was a sugar filled day.
3. Hire a handsome driver who smiles at you and with you a lot, even if you are blurry.

 4. Continue west toward Sunset.

5. Arrive at Death Valley, where friends on bikes are waiting for supplies...and another bike.

6. Proceed to Adventure.

7. Stop at the scenic spots...

8. Pause for learning moments.

9. Resume adventure.

I am not sure if this route will help us get back to sanity....but a little tantrum (with pants on) did help me get out here today:
Granted, I was teaching 16 people how to be archaeologists for a day. 

Wait. I demanded to go outside...and worked harder?

Tantrum not averted.

The journey continues...

Whatever happened to Spring Break? Summer Vacation?

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