Thursday, October 4, 2012

Le Sigh....

It was exactly as amazing as I thought it would be.

 Our backpacks were a little heavy.

 We nearly killed the dog.

But she rested and recovered enough to...

never stop swimming.

What did you guys do all day, you ask?

Well for starters, Archy G got up before dawn every morning, crashed around the camp like a bear in need of coffee, then traipsed across the hills and dales to find some deer. This particular trip was not nearly as successful as his last trip, but we are blaming that solely on the fact that we saw more backpackers in the area than I have ever seen in my time here. Some people can be obnoxiously loud...and I can't help but wonder why they wanted to hike around in the mountains during opening weekend of deer hunting. Seriously. Do you see ArchyG? He wasn't the only hunter hiding in plain sight.
Ellie and I, on the other hand, stayed comfortably wrapped in sleeping bags until the resident Clark's Nutcracker started its daily forage. If you have ever heard a Clark's Nutcracker,  you will understand why it was time to get out of bed. You can listen to it on the link above.

Anyway, Ellie and I would then pull the sleeping pads and bags out into the sun to dry, make a Nalgene bottle of coffee, grab our books of Short Stories and Fairy Tales...

 and go back to sleep on the rocks for a few hours. At least until the sun and black ants made us get up....

Most days, she and I would trek to the nearest lake and pretend to fish.

Ellie does not make it easy to fish. At all.

Around second lunch time, we would go and try to find Archy G...but only kind of because he was hunting and I like deer meat.
If we were lucky, we would find him at camp....but most of the time we just took another nap.

In the evenings, I got to try out all those fancy meals I worked on. Hands down, our favorite was backcountry pizza...tortillas with mushrooms, olives and pepperoni...and pizza sauce and cheese that I packed in. Ironically, it was also the only meal I didn't really do anything with but dehydrate the olives.

Archy G liked that one so much, he came back for lunch one day to have seconds...
After dinner, we did the dishes, secured camp from bears (and naughty dogs), then read short stories until somebody started to snore...mainly Ellie. I probably should mention  she was allowed to sleep in the tent, and NOT by my permission...

I had planned to take pictures of every meal while we were out there...see the Thai Beef, now with rice not wraps?
Sometime around the the third day, however, my camera battery died.

So. All of the beautiful sites, the lovely sunrises and sunsets, the smoochy smoochy pictures Archy G and I could have taken overlooking the landscape have been relegated to my memories.

You will just have to believe me that it was pretty much the best trip of the year.

So far.

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