Friday, August 24, 2012

A Day in the Life of Two Hunter Gatherers.

  Archy G and I have journeyed for miles, through small towns across the Owens Valley, to reach the summit of these White Mountains.
Here we have made our temporary home,
 readied ourselves in our newest gear
and saddled our beast of burden with all of her food and water.

  Which, by the way,  did not prevent her from taking a dip.

All to begin our search from the elusive white tail deer.

 Rain came about mid day, forcing us to seek shelter as we watched a small herd across the valley.

 Tired, wet and cold, our beast waited patiently for the storm to pass.
 Archy G would not be deterred, taking every opportunity to survey for deer beds and possible ways to get there.
 During a brief lull in the storm,we traveled to another high point
 where we watched Archy G watch for a few more minutes.
 At least we did this until hail and lightning forced our hasty retreat.
 The mighty hunter was tired after our trek at 13,000 feet.
 Also the Beast.
As we left the mountain, I asked..."Was all this worth it?"
Guess that's a yes.
Not bad for Day 2 of a first time archery hunt with a tooth infection! More on that later...

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