Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back in Black

Its been a while since I reported on the awesome creature that cohabitates with me.

It seems only appropriate that what I'm about to tell you should be accompanied by a song written just for her...my little Ells Bells. Go ahead and get that started.

You may recall from a few months ago, Miss Ellie's adventures on the boat with my dad and her dad. I threatened to ground her then, and though I didn't the next day, I have since avoided taking her on any boats.


Since Spring (and now Summer, for crying-out-100-degrees-loud) has arrived in the Owens Valley, Archy G and I have traded in our skis for fishing poles. Thanks to my incredible Fisher-Dad, I am teaching AG everything I know about fishing. He is really improving, and no longer as squeamish putting worms on his hook.

Ok. I make him bait all the hooks. And also remove the fish from the hook. These are generally the distractions I use to ensure that I catch more fish...the more he has to pay attention to the logistics, the more I can outfish him. This also works with my Dad.

You may not know this...but another excellent distraction when fishing along a creek or on the shore of a Sierra Lake...Ellie.

And so here is a montage of photos...all of which begin with:
"Oh wow, ArchaeologyAsh/Archy G! Look at all of those trout we could catch right now in that hole...NOOOOO!!!"

 Don't let this serene, Hallmark Card worthy photo fool you...
 Because then Ellie jumped in after the bobber.
And what is that? A swimming hole on a hot summer day? For you and me, Archy G?

Nope. Its for Ellie too. Who swam and swam and swam....
then got out to poop and puke. Because that's how she does it.
Yep. I shared that with you.

Pristine alpine lake?
She doesn't mind if she does!
 Oh were you fishing here? 

My bad.

And lest you think she only gets in the way where water is involved, here she is helping ArchyG, our Friend C, and Me do some actual archaeology.
She didn't mind all the dirt falling on her. It was refreshing. Like water.

Seriously though. How can you not love this face?

She's not nearly as scary as the song would indicate.
In fact, she's kind of my favorite.

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Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful...comes from great her great line of other beautiful and fun-loving labs...aka Jake and Joy.