Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You've Been Chopped.

In my life before this one, I ate a lot of terrible food.

It was fried. It was coated in Ranch. It came out of a box. The first meal Mr. Ex made for me included both cream-of-something soup and Velveeta. A sweet gesture. Also somewhat life threatening. We ate like college students who could afford the calories....but not much else. Granted, this was not always the case. But for at least 4 of the 5 years of our marriage, Hamburger Helper made a regular appearance at the dinner table.

Please don't judge me.

The loss of 20ish pounds during the first year of my divorce may have had something to do with a total lack of trans fat and salt. Also, it is not easy to cook like a professional chef for just one person. And as you are aware, Singletons eat a lot of cereal.

Enter ArchyG, and I am suddenly channeling Martha. And Nigella. (Have I told you about these Chocolate Hot Pots? Because you should probably go make them now.)

A couple of weeks ago, I broke down and joined the 6 million Americans who need to vegetate at the end of the day.

Have you seen this thing? Have you seen how many amazing shows about cooking there are on this thing? Martha and Nigella have their own shows! You can watch them, salivate, and NOT GAIN ANY WEIGHT!

Except that Archy G and I get a little inspired...particularly with the cooking challenges!

Ok. Archy G gets a lot inspired...

and I find myself becoming a sous chef, dish washer and official grocery shopper. Thanks to Chopped and Iron Chef, my days of menu  making seem to be a thing of the past.

Pretty much I come up with some general ideas for meals based on my arguably unruly collection of cooking magazines and books and my newest obsession of collecting MORE recipes on Pinterest...get some ingredients for those meals...and then we make something completely different. Pasta from the box with a jar of spaghetti sauce? Nope. Let's make Bolognese sauce with the ingredients for Saturday's chili. And maybe you could just whip up some noodles with the stuff you need to make that apple pie for Sunday.

Lucky for you, between washing dishes and providing supervision (I am a Virgo, after you really think I would let him totally take over??!!), I take pictures. Obnoxiously.  And not at all artistically.

We even tested out these cooking skills on some friends a few weeks ago. Yep, we have so much fun, we hosted a dinner party! Remember all those fish? Did you know it takes like chicken??!!

 Which became brunch the next day...
I wish you could scratch and sniff these pictures. And maybe take a little taste. But not too much. Archy G made that for me.

As far as those post divorce pounds...well, I would like to say they have stayed off.

We're trying.

But all this cooking takes so much time.

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