Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Bleeding Heart

Politics, like religion and economics, is not a topic I often broach with people I do not know. Perhaps because I advocate tolerance for individual choice, opinion, and freedoms. Perhaps because I work for The Man and I am not really supposed to talk about those things at the water cooler. Perhaps because I suck at confrontation and usually end up with comebacks that are some derivative of "Pbbbtttt!" when political debate begins.

I will freely admit, however, that my political leanings are more Left than Right. That I made cold calls for our President and would do it again. That I have some staunch opinions about certain hot ticket items that do not always jive with my upbringing...and that I am avid NPR listener.

Interpret as you wish.

When I get to the point on Highway 395 on my daily commute that I can pick up an NPR station (the north end of Little Lake Canyon, in case you are wondering), I stop everything I am doing...since I am excellent multi-tasker while I am driving....and listen to Morning Edition, or Talk of the Nation, or All Things Considered, or Fresh Air. If I'm lucky, I catch Car Talk or This American Life. And yes, I do subscribe to the Podcasts. And stream from my computer while I am knitting on Saturday mornings

Since I listen to NPR, and do not have television, I have missed out on the propaganda  media soundbites for the upcoming GOP primaries. I am not terribly heartbroken, since the brainchild of Will Ferrell and Andy McKay - Funny or Die - has provided me with all the information I need.

Enjoy. And take with a grain of salt becasue I would never tell you how to vote in 2012.



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Mer said...

Well said. I need to turn off the tv also to avoid the ads.