Sunday, November 20, 2011


I am not sure if I have mentioned before that I do not own a television. Beside that fact that I don't spend a lot of time at home, when I am there, I am constantly trying to get stuff ready for the next day. Like making lunch or getting my coffee ready so that it will turn on automatically before I wake up or laying out my clothes or waiting patiently for my fairy godmother to grant me some wishes that mostly involve a clean house, cooked dinner, and possibly for someone to show up long enough to rub my feet (because I'm not very good company Monday through Thursday). Often I am cleaning up a disaster that Miss Ellie left for me.

When I get to the end of the evening chores, I put on my jammies, make a bowl of cereal, and sit down with this trusty laptop. Sometimes I write a blog. Sometimes I watch a movie on Netflix or a TV show on Hulu.

But lately, I have a new internet addiction.

It is called Pinterest. Have you heard of it?  Maybe not,  unless you love to surf the interweb. Do you ever bookmark a recipe or a website you want to go back to, but then COMPLETELY forget why you bookmarked that page in the first place?

On Pinterest, you can add things to "boards" with different titles like "Things I want to Make," "Things I want to Eat," "Things I want to wear..."

For instance I find recipes that I absolutely must try...

Crafts I absolutely have to do:
Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

And funny things that make me cry from laughing.

I can spend a lot of hours...just cruising the website looking at what other people are interested in. So much time in fact, I sort of lose all track of time. I am really glad this silly thing wasn't around while I was writing my thesis.
And I am really really really glad I am not allowed to play on the internet at work because there would be a lot of archaeology just...getting older. Of course....I suppose that is job security for me just as soon as this particular internet fad is over.

Yes, I can justify just about anything. 

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