Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dog Overboard

I'm home for a week. For some home cooked meals that don't involve some iteration of cereal. For some rest. For family time.

And obviously for some fishing.

This scene from the beginning of the day should have been a sign. Ellie and Jake were playing Kate and Leo, but in an entirely platonic way since they are related.
Both dogs were friendly. Full of affection for their people. Who oddly resemble their dogs.

 They let us do some great fishing. 

They were the cheerleaders.
 But then we let them get out of the boat for a pit stop.
And from that pit stop, Miss Ellie believed that she should be in the water ALL the time. Right around the end of the morning, she decided that even though Dad and I were reeling in enormous bass, she needed to get in. So she did.

While I am really the only person who has any right to comment on the behavior and....boundaries of her skin....I have to admit that soaking wet, Ellie is really difficult to lift. Like completely impossible. So impossible, in fact, that we had to drive the boat away from her and find some shoreline. Her poor little puppy face was terrified as we drove away. She made little puppy squeaks. When she got to shore she jumped in the boat, received a sound scolding, and cuddled up next to me on the seat.

Fortunately, we made a good haul anyway.

But seriously. Ellie might be grounded tomorrow.

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