Friday, October 7, 2011

A Year in This Life

It seems appropriate that one year since the final day of my marriage, two things have happened.

1. Last year, my mom came to be with me. She brought me chocolate cake, pumpkin cheesecake, and made my favorite meal. We went to Lone Pine to hike and play.

This year, I live here.

I made my own dinner, am drinking pumpkin beer, and have a chocolate bar ready for a little bit later.My best friend is hanging out with me.
A lot happens in a year. A lot happened in this one. Some things I am proud of. Some things I wish I had done a little differently. Some things I wish I had said but didn't. And vice versa.

I wish today I could impart some sort of wisdom about what this year has taught me. I am not sure that it has been much. My dad told me that I have to stop wearing my heart on my sleeve; that I have to guard it better so that I don't get hurt. My boss told me I need to work on my poker face. My old friend told me I have a tendency to believe without fail that everything will work out exactly how I want it to. And that sometimes you have to let something go for it to come back. Another friend reminded me that soul searching is an important part of this process; that everyone going through this needs the opportunity, space, and time to "be sure."

I'm not ashamed that any of these things can be used to describe me. Still, even a year later. Nor am I ashamed about anything that has happened over the last year. I just sometimes wish my Magic 8 Ball was a bit more reliable.

2. My favorite blog had a post about Katherine Hepburn's rules to live by that was perfectly timed for today. You should read the post, but I will cite the rules so you understand what I mean...

1. Address your fears

2. Have a credo. Hepburn’s was “Listen to the Song of Life”. Having a credo means you think your life is grand enough to warrant one

3. Find yourself fascinating. “Stone cold sober, I find myself fascinating” Hepburn said.

4. Self improve don’t self remodel. Love who you are and constantly improve on it.

5. Be frugal. Frugality in certain areas gives luxury in others. Choice is luxury.

I think Nancy the Blogger and Katherine Hepburn have given me something to think about for the next year.

"Recovering" was the word for this last one.

But its a new year.

Time for a new word.

(Push the play button.)

Be OK by Ingrid Michaelson

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