Thursday, October 13, 2011

Skewed = Screwed

Mom and Dad are here visiting today and tomorrow. This is fantastic because 1). my parents have not come to see me together since I moved to California and 2). it turns out I needed a little bit more help with that door than I anticipated.

Apparently I am a bit more like that girl on Tool Time who just brought tools to Tim and Al. I am also a bit like Tim, who was kind of incapable of doing anything.

I take some pride in the fact that I rocked the polyurethaning.

So when Dad arrived, we got started on the door. He drilled some pilot holes for the dog door,

while I managed to make some very crooked cuts with the jig saw.

Dad had to do some fine adjustments after the fact.

But we got it finished.
Mom baked some cookies while we were at it...Pumpkin Snickerdoodles. Which are delicious. Scratch that. WERE delicious!
Then the hard part.

Cutting out the hinges. Then hanging the door.
So Dad taught me a new word today. Or at least the new meaning of the word.


The definition, at least in carpentry, means...SCREWED.

Apparently...the former owner of this house did a lot of wood working. Which means she did a lot of adjustments to make her door fit in this hole.

So we did too. Can you tell?

Tomorrow we put in the handle so we can actually get out of the house. Ellie, on the other hand, has been able to go inside and outside. And inside and outside. And inside and outside. And stick one end outside and the other end inside. Chase a ball. Roll in the grass then come back and roll on the carpet....

As I sit here with Dad and Mom sneezing up sawdust and being sore from lifting the door so much, I can't help but think...
yep, this is totally worth it.

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kathy said...

Awesome job Dad & Daughter! You did well...better than I could have ever done! And what a great mom for keeping the help fed :)