Saturday, October 1, 2011

In Which We Feel Well Enough to Hike

Or...In Which Ellie Finds All the Shady Spots.
Our adventure today took us just west of town into the Alabama Hills. There are beautiful views up to the Sierra one direction...

...and into the Inyo the other.
We spent a few hours climbing around the rocks, looking in nooks and crannies, finding things that I normally only look for during my work hours, and having a generally pleasant experience.

But as I said...Miss Ellie did spend a lot of her time walking from shady spot to shady spot, even though it was only 81 degrees.

I took her to the Creek to cool off a little bit.

Now she's looking for sunny spots to warm up!

Nothing heals a weary soul like the great outdoors, especially when you can be there with the one creature in the world who will follow you to Timbuktu and not be disappointed if you take a couple of wrong turns. Or better still, will love you even if you need to spend a solid week on the couch getting over the flu, an entire year's worth of heartbreak, or just want to finish Season 1 of Lost.

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