Monday, October 10, 2011

In Which Columbus Got Lost, so I Get to Craft

I've been following a funny discussion today between friends about who made it to mainland America first, since wasn't Columbus. So far, Norwegian Vikings, Irish Monks, Basque Fishermen and Ewoks can all claim a holiday, though we don't seem to celebrate them. A sad thing indeed. Of course, no one who made it here from Europe found it an unpopulated land....which is probably why people of my profession do not really like to acknowledge any importance to this day.

Except of course, those of us who work for The Man.

And then it becomes a day to craft like it is 1492.

This morning, I made coffee, donned my favorite pair of carpenter Carhartt's, my favorite sweatshirt once owned by a carpenter, and contemplated listening to the Carpenter's...

all to prepare myself for one of the more epic craft projects I have embarked upon yet. Uncharted territory, you might call it.
Yes, that is a door. Yes, that is my very own jig saw. A dog door. A can of polyurethane. Wood chisels. And a door lock installation kit. Also Ellie's hiney.

This week's project is to replace my awesome front door with something I own and can cut a hole in....since Ellie's hiney needs to be able to go in and out during the 12 hours 4 days a week I am not home. I am currently paying the neighbor boy $5 a week to let her out of the house when he gets home from school, but she can be a handful when she has spent 9 hours napping on the couch. He is small, she weighs 100 lbs...I would rather not get sued. The dog door I know I can do. The full door replacement...not so sure about.

So, I started with the polyurethane.
And that's about as far as I got today since it needs 24 hours to fully dry. The wind was lost to the sails, really, when I realized there would be little actual carpenter work today.

But never fear! More colonial style crafting was on the horizon!

While I would like to say this beautiful fabric was handwoven, then block printed...I ordered it from a land far, far away called...Atlanta.
I made curtains, since with the lights on and the sun down, you can see me streaking from the bathroom to my bedroom. Not that I do that. But if I did....
Since I have three windows for Stalkers, or viewing the Inyo Mountains depending on the time of day, I had to put up three sets of curtains. I like the contrast of the printed fabric with the darker ones. Its like adding art, without having to center or level a picture frame, which is not the world's easiest thing to do when you live alone. Here is the curtain situated in the room.
Waiting for paint to dry is not a ton of fun, so I took up my needles for this super secret project....

Then I put on some new kicks, courtesy of my friend Carrie's sister (because I will never turn down shoes), for an afternoon exploratory run through the Alabama Hills. Mostly I was testing the water with these paddles. I like them, but I am going to have to start up my daily running regime to be sure.

I am a a little irked to have to go to work tomorrow when there are apparently more explorers/conquerors we really should also be acknowledging with Federal holidays.

The folks will be here on Thursday and I am hoping to be finished with this project to impress them. However, given the...shall we say, difficulty...I have in lifting the door (though I did manage to carry it in from the car!), I may need Dad's help for the last couple of steps. Mostly that whole "hanging it on the hinge" part.

In my crafting today and thinking about putting in yet another dog door, I recalled this post I wrote last December. Nietchze said that "What does not destroy me, makes me stronger." Or something to that effect since all the websites have him misquoted. But I read another quote today that made me smile a little bit about the then and now...

"It never gets easier. You just get better."

Ragged Company (Album Version)


Tucsonlizzie said...

Those curtains ROCK! You are quite the seamstress!

Anonymous said...

I decided this year that I was finished apologizing for Columbus. It has been over 500 years, people need to get over their shame or embarrassment. It is my new goal to singlehandedly kill the cynicism that prevents us from appreciating the sheer adventure that brought Columbus to this country, and in turn allows me to live in New Mexico and allows the rest of us to live in a pretty neat place. It's not that he got lost and discovered America, it's that he ran into something unexpected. Which begs the question, if the Vikings, or Atlantians, or Basque fisherman, or Ewoks got here first, not to mention the American Indians, why didn't they tell anyone? Columbus did. That’s why we celebrate him.


Archaeology Ash said...

Thanks, Lizzie! And Gavin - its true...he's the one who blabbed about it. I'm not complaining about having a day to celebrate adventure...obviously! Thanks for providing the inspiration for the blog in the first place...;-)