Saturday, October 1, 2011

I came for the free t-shirt.

Hold the phone. This is my second blog in the same day. Situation is dire. Need company.

But. This was just too cool not to share.

I am not sure if you know this, but I love my job. I love (nearly) everything about it. I love learning new things every day. I love the research. The writing. The regulations. The public education. The going outside whenever I feel like it (or have to).

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Perhaps one of the best things about my job is the fact that I don't have to wear "work clothes." No suits. No pencil skirts. No button down blouses with "Dry Clean Only" on the label. Sure, I wear those things for the few professional meetings that I attend, and I do have a large collection of spiky heels I sometimes wear to work. With jeans. But seriously, "blouse" isn't actually part of my vocabulary.

T-shirt, pearl snap, Carhartt, BOOTS, however, are part of my vocabulary. And my work uniform, especially in the field.

The problem with wearing t-shirts, especially from my particular collection of t-shirts, is that when I have to wear field clothes in the office, have a meeting with some of the bigwigs who are actually wearing professional looking clothing, or come back to the office wearing a really sweaty pearl snap, my t-shirts make me a bit...frumpy. Like I raided a man's closet. Sometimes I have flashbacks of being an awkward teenager going swimming. Because when I was an awkward teenager, I wore baggy t-shirts over my bikinis so no one could see that I was wearing a bikini. Or that I was a girl.

The point of this example is that I am no longer an awkward teenage girl. I have no husband from whom I can steal t-shirts. And I am kind of tired of being frumpy at the office.

So viola. Tonight I found a link to this blog about making t-shirts awesome.

And now I am turning all of my really baggy t-shirts into shirts that make me look a bit more like a girl. Or woman, as I believe the case may be when you reach 30, however gracefully or not.

Since Andrea did a great job of going through the steps, I will just show you what I did.

Here are two t-shirts the ex and I made with some friends in Miles City.

We had purchased size large men's t-shirts for the project since that's what size he needed. Needless to say, its been difficult to wear this shirt with any style whatsoever. And seriously, tie-dye shirts should look stylish if you are going to go to the trouble of making them. And then wearing them.

So here is the finished product.
Still a t-shirt. But better.

And yes, this is how I am spending my Saturday night. Stop judging me.


Tucsonlizzie said...

I LOVE it! You should wear that shirt all the time now!

Archaeology Ash said...

I modified 10 shirts. I am so excited!