Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hit the Reset.

I had an unfortunate run-in with a desert plant this morning in the field. One I am actually quite allergic to; one from the Phacelia family. I would like to say that I just brushed up against it as I was walking through a heavily vegetated area.

But no.

It sneaked up behind me while I was trying to...ahem...have a conversation with a sagebrush. It was the largest sagebrush in the Grass Valley Wilderness, a necessary location since there were jets from the nearby military base doing all kinds of fancy maneuvers above me.

So yes. The Phacelia goosed me while the fly-boys got a show. And not a single one of them sent me flowers or promised to call later.

This tops off a particularly awesome week.

Except that the week is not yet over.

What more awesomeness can there possibly be?

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Tucsonlizzie said...

Hold on to that feeeeeeeeeeeeelin'