Sunday, September 25, 2011

My room of requirement, Number 1

In my last place I had one extra bedroom that, by default, became my very own "Room of Requirement."

You may not know what a "Room of Requirement" is if you have not read Harry Potter, but trust probably have one. Perhaps it is a garage. A closet. The spare bedroom/office/"one day this will be my sewing room/man cave." If you don't have one, you may be a Virgo who didn't have to split all of their traits.

The point is, it is a room in which things "land." They are usually things that you need, but not all the time, and that don't really fall into any particular category. Or fit well in the Tupperware drawer.

The one in the Harry Potter books looked like this:

A woman of a certain age living by herself with THREE extra rooms has the liberty of having THREE rooms of requirement. This is especially the case if she has lots of hobbies.

I was able to muster the energy to start on one of them on Sunday afternoon.

This is my room of requirement "for toys I am dying to play with but have to wait for the weekend and/or someone to play with me." Except, of course, for the puzzles. I can play puzzles by myself.

So...anyone wanna play with me? I know where to find all my stuff!

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