Saturday, September 10, 2011

Movin' on Up

This morning I got out of bed as early as I possibly could for a Saturday morning and loaded up the Subaru with as much stuff as I possibly could for a gal my size. Ellie took the copilot's seat (which freaked her out a bit and leads me to believe she gets car sick) and away we went.

Where did we go, you ask?

Somewhere pretty cool, actually. The sign says so on the door.
Ellie and I have decided that we have had enough of being scared to go outside after dark. Enough of battling the next door neighbors over the absurd volume of their first-person shooter video games. Enough of having someone living in the garage next door and trying to steal our cable on a regular basis. Enough of nasty trash blowing into our back yard from the dumpster that suddenly appeared at the gate one day for the whole neighborhood and their relatives to use. Basically, we've decided we don't want to live in the ghetto anymore. While the inside of our current house is really nice, it feels a bit like a cocoon. It is suffocating. And lonely beyond description. Plus, the lease is up.

So we've decided to move here:

Technically we will be living back here, in the back half of the house....
where there is a beautiful yard for me to set up a hammock for reading (and by that I mean napping) and Ellie to roll around on the grass.
The kitchen-living-dining room are the size of my house right now.

There are 2 bedrooms and a huge bathroom up the steps and two more rooms (CRAFT ROOMS!) behind where I am standing to take the picture.

I decided to put some of my things in the cabinets, just to see how they fit. Pretty nicely, I think.

Now if I could just figure out how to use this space in a cool way. I mean the window box, not the spice rack in the cupboard. Ideas?

Next week I actually take all my furniture and stay a while, much to the chagrin of some people in the Valley. But I like it here. And for the first time in a while, I'm not really worried about what those people think.

Thanks to my friend, Kara, I have a song to sing about that too.

My favorite verse?
And then one day I looked around and I found the sun shining down
And I took off my worried shoes
My worried shoes
And my feet broke free to breathe the air
I didn't need to wear
My Worried shoes
Then I knew the difference between
worrying and caring
'Cause I've got a lot of walking to do
And I don't want to wear
My worried shoes

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Anonymous said...

Your new house looks nice. What do you mean "technically in the back part of the house"?