Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To AGJ, on her First Birthday

Dear A.G.J.
Happy birthday, Little Miss. You probably already know this, but you are a very special little girl. Not only because you are surrounded by aunties and uncles (related and not), grandparents, and a whole passel of babies your age who adore you to pieces...but because you have a set of really awesome parents who love you more than you know. I mean, look at what you are doing RIGHT now!
Most people have to wait until college to sit in an excavation unit for a day. And they don't get to take their toys with them. How cool is your summer so far?!

I am sorry I am going to miss seeing you sitting in your birthday cake and smearing icing in your hair, watching you open presents, and helping your mom make party favors. Smile big for the camera and make lots of noise for the video so I can see it all in a few weeks when you get home. And expect to see me shortly thereafter! I miss you all very much!

Oh, and now that you are becoming more mobile and percocious...it is time you learn the motto for Camp Aunt ArchaeologyAsh, which I hope you will be attending soon: "Well behaved women seldom make history."

Not that I am encouraging you to misbehave...Okay. Maybe I am. Just don't tell your mom.

Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

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