Wednesday, June 1, 2011

There Can Be Only One...

And apparently, it's Steve, the Spastic Blue Guppy who gets the whole tank to himself because he didn't get ick and die like Gus, Barbarella, Trembles, and the damn plecostomus who infected everyone. Cool Hand Luke, the crab, went the way of the Great Toilet Bowl in the Sky a while ago...which is why there was room for the plecostomus in the first place. Damn plecostomus.

Ellie does not see this as a big deal, as she is part fish and feels that she could fit in the five gallon tank and be my only problem. See?
She has been doing the water thing for a while, so the fish are just copying her.
She says she prefers the bigger water so she can chase sticks and ducks and rocks or whatever you feel like throwing for her.
And she also says that she could live on the fish food, since Steve can't eat it all himself. But sandwiches would be the best, really.

Peanut butter and steak, if you must know.

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