Monday, June 6, 2011

Follow through.

Meet the skeletons in my closet.
I finally pulled them out.

There are a few ways I can look at this...

1. I am a collector of fabric. A connoisseur of textiles. Quite possibly a hoarder.

2. I have single-handedly kept many small fabric stores across the country in business! And now I can open my own store! Which will help supplement my buy more fabric!

3. I have lots of good ideas, but perhaps a little bit less time...or get them done than I thought I did when I bought the fabric in the first place.

Looking at these skeletons of my ideas made me quite sad, really. Every pretty parcel of fabric was purchased for a purpose, for a project, for a greater good other than to be folded neatly, arranged chromatically, and stored in a plastic bin in my closet.

So I'll just have to get busy.

I also cannot help but see a life metaphor in all this cotton (satin, tulle, chiffon, linen, flannel, fleece, and felt).

Perhaps this is the lesson to be learned: that in this New Life I am trying to make for myself, I should focus some more on the "follow through" part of the idea.

Finish what I start.

Measure twice before the final cut.

Accept that the imperfections of a project make it unique.

Know that no matter how simple or complicated, if something is made with will be beautiful.

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