Thursday, June 16, 2011

And now there are two

I felt so bad for Steve the Spastic Guppy that I finally got him a friend.

Meet Chase.

Chase is a fin nipper, though I am sure he goes by some other scientific name (Chichilid, though the exact taxonomic nomenclature I am not sure). His full name in my house is "Chase'n Steve's Tail."

While I have never actually seen Chase nip Steve's tail, Steve's tail is suddenly a lot more raggedy than it was two weeks ago.

I felt bad for Steve so I added a little cave for him to hide from Chase. As you can see by the above picture, the cave is now where Chase lurks for Steve.

Oddly, when Chase is not in the cave, he is doing weird dances around the tank with Steve following behind, mimicking what Chase does. They both like to play in the bubbles from the filter and when I walk up to the tank, Chase does flips and follows me around. I kind of like him, even if he is being kind of rude to Steve.

Today I found this.
The brown thing is a weekend feeder since I was out of town last week. There are four rocks on top of the feeder. Two white ones roughly the same size with two brown ones roughly the same size perfectly lined up next to each other.

Is it art?

Is it a gift?

Is my fish actually a reincarnated interior decorator? The Next Design Star?

Either way, I am entertained.

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