Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weather is Scary

Thankfully, even though the windows and doors and parts of the roof of her house are gone and her car is totaled, my Grandma is alive and uninjured after this afternoon's multi-vortex tornado in Joplin, Missouri. Her neighborhood, like much of the main part of town, took a direct hit.

Grandma's yard via my cousin's cell phone...
Where we were all standing last July for this family picture...
Thankfully, also, my Aunt Sally's home and person went unscathed and that my cousin and uncle were able to drive up from Grove to help Grandma get out of her house and back to safety.

It has been a long four hours for those of us on this side of the Rockies waiting for news. We are so happy for good news, but my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the people of the Midwest and the Southeast, who have been so devastated by the weather the last couple of weeks.


Here are some new pictures from my Aunt and Uncle. They went today to help get as much of Grandma's belongings out of her house as possible because apparently they are going to start bull dozing.

Here is the Home Depot down the block from Grandma's house.
And here is the view from grandma's front yard to the neighboring buildings in her complex.

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