Thursday, January 13, 2011


I spent the day in a town further south and west of here attending a meeting and getting myself good and lost on the way to the meeting from a recommended coffee shop. No worries, Absentee Tour Guide. The Dirty Chai was worth the detour and I showed up right in time. Luckily the town is one of those fancy cities built on a grid system, unlike my hometown which looks kind of like spaghetti...

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and I sort of have a sense of direction. Admittedly the car had a compass...don't judge me.

Anyway, the meeting was very good and informative.... And was topped off by a trip to Trader Joe's!

Had I thought ahead, I would have brought a cooler and stocked up on lots of produce and fresh and frozen foods that I adore from Trader Joe's.

However, since I did not have one, and I was sort of overwhelmed by the excitement of being in a TRADER JOE'S....I bought a lot of candy and sauces.
See over there in the left hand corner...yep. Peanut sauce. Perhaps I'll try again that meal I botched horrifically last night. If it fails again, I have about $30 worth of dark chocolate and licorice to compensate.

Fingers crossed...but for which outcome, I am not entirely sure. ;-)

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