Sunday, January 23, 2011

The simple steps for a fun weekend.

Step Sub 1: Sleep in a little and drink delicious coffee.

Step 1: Make a new friend who invites you to go outside. Especially one with sweet dogs who don't mind Ellie.
Step 2: Have gear explosion somewhere outside so you have no choice but to stay in the same location. Put on gear.
Step 3: Take pictures of the scenery. Admire the landscape and geologic formations.

Step 4: Commence recreation. Watch friend climb up to the top of the rock.

Step 5: Allow Ellie to celebrate the safe return of friend to the ground surface by bringing her large sticks.

Step 6: Follow friend's path up the rock. Chalk up and make funny faces while trying to remember how to do this without falling....

Step 7: After a good night's rest, load up lunch and drive to see some rock alignments.
Step 8: Crash on couch and wonder why Monday is not part of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

my hands are sweating just looking at pictures.. does mom know you climb these big rocks????

Archaeology Ash said...

I think she reads my yes!