Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Vacation, Day 10 and 11

This post should really be called "In Which Amy Gail Comes to Visit and I Reflect on a Year That Was Not So Great." But that is a very long title and suggests that I have much more to say than I actually want to this evening.

Amy Gail and her mama Lizzie (who, by the way, looks amazing for a woman who just gave birth 6 months ago) came to Mom and Dad's for New Years Eve.

I could tell you all about how we played dominoes, ate lots of yummy pork products, Skyped with Amy Gail's daddy (Rob), had some champagne, and hugged each other at midnight...and then how the next day Lizzie, Amy Gail, and I went to the bookstore, drank coffee, and talked about Everything That Needed to Be Talked About, played more dominoes, watched a funny movie, and helped a fussy Amy Gail get to sleep. I could tell you all about those things, but instead, I am going to post as many pictures of the weekend as possible.

Well, at least the ones that are not blurry. Babies are hard to photograph when they are wiggly.

And then the next day....
Why yes, that is a snot bubble!

I got home to RC late Sunday afternoon to a snowstorm. A bit of surprise since I thought one of the bonuses of moving away from Montana would be the lack of snow....except of course when I want to go out in it on purpose.
As far as the reflections of 2010 goes without saying that I am glad it is over. There were some good parts - like the arrival of Amy Gail and some much needed time with family and friends. There were some really bad parts - like the end of my marriage. But as many wise people have told me, and as I have reminded myself every day: This too shall pass. 2011 is a new year. Tomorrow is a new day. Every step forward feels a little stronger, a little less like a stumble.

I wish this song hadn't been on a commercial because it is actually really good. A New Day by the British band Scouting for Girls....

My favorite verse in the song says:

It's a feeling, it's a blue sky
It's the ocean, it's the sunshine
At the seaside, on the mountain
At the park bench, on the fountains
At the night club, on the playground
It's a new world, it's a new sound
It's your moment, it's a picture
We can make this, I'm coming with you
It's a new world, it's a new way
Make a fresh start, it's a new day

Kind of hokey maybe. But a good song to be stuck in my head this first week back to work and the first week of a year that will be better - much, much better - than the last.


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful and I'm so glad you got to spend time with your friends...nothing warms your heart more than the hug and cuddle of a baby! Hope your 2011 is a very bright deserve it!

Kathy Simons

Anonymous said...

Great job on the blanket! It looks like it was a hit!!

2011 will be a better year. 2012 will be a better one, yet.

Archaeology Ash said...

Thanks Kathy and anonymous person!