Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ta Da!

It only took me 2 hours, a string of curse words, a couple of goes with the sabre saw, a bump on the head and some very small cuts on my fingers....

but I have accomplished the Task that Defeated Me earlier this weekend!
I started out just drilling some holes. It took a minute to figure out the right drill bit and speed, but I increased the torque and that made things go a lot better. Ellie supervised as closely as possible.

She felt that my lines weren't straight at this point, but I chose to ignore her. She was just being judgmental and jealous because she didn't get to use the power tools. Which created quite a mess.
Don't let her know this, but she was right. I had to keep making adjustments to the hole. I suppose it is better to cut too little than too much. Pain in the butt either way.
Ellie was content just with the hole in the door. She really could care less for all the gauntlet-like plastic I installed after the hole was just right.
She got the hang of it right away - she has had these things since she was a puppy, afterall. Which may be why she is giving me the "You. Are. An. Idiot." face when I tried to show her what to do.
I think we will both be happier with this arrangement. Ellie gets me up a couple of times at night to let her out (she usually stands next to the bed, staring at my face until I am scared awake by the feeling that someone is watching me sleep!). During the day, she has to stay inside until I come home for lunch. Sometimes field work keeps me away from sun-up to sun-down and I know that cannot be good for her bladder. Now...let's just hope that the neighborhood stray cats, scary neighbors, and boogey monsters do not start using this door too. Because in addition to my newly discovered ability to efficiently (that may be a bit of a stretch) wield power tools, I may need to learn the ancient martial art of "Shoot first, ask questions later."

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Anonymous said...

Nice job on the dog door and those are some sweet tools.