Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Bought a House!

Kind of.

It is blue and orange and will take me only ten minutes to move into!
It doesn't have an address, which means I can take it anywhere I want to go. It has lots of cool reflectors. And zippers that go both directions but don't ever come off the zipper track thing so you don't have to fight with the zipper in the middle of a rainstorm. It has pockets on the inside. And very fine mesh to keep out the bugs. When I lay down, there is lots of room between the wall and my feet...and my head and the wall. The floor is ripstop material so that branches and rocks and puppy paws do not rip holes in the bottom. And best of has two doors! When bears and boogey monsters are on one side of the tent, you can easily escape out the other undetected!

When it is hot outside, or I am feeling particularly like I want everyone on the mountain (or desert) to see me drooling in my sleep or changing my clothes, I can take off the outside and viola! Here I am!
Just to be on the safe side when I move into my new place, I bought myself this fancy pants MSR Miox water filter. I haven't tried it just yet because the instruction manual is rather extensive. I will though, and will probably blog about it later. (Notice Ellie admiring her reflection in the stove...)Oh, and as a part of her rent in my new house, Ellie has (mostly) agreed to start carrying her own food and water when we move around the countryside. She is not terribly pleased with the idea (sad eyes, tucked tail), but it is really difficult for me to carry enough water for me and her. She is a Labrador, after all...and possibly part fish.
So when are you coming to visit me in my new place?


Anonymous said...

You are too funny! I seriously get a big smile on my face every day when I read your blogs! Ever think of changing careers?

Kathy Simons

Archaeology Ash said...

Thanks, Kathy!