Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Vacation, Day 7 and 8 (and some of 6)

Forgive me for getting behind on my adventures at home. I've been working on a craft project that has to get finished for Friday and reading a good book in between trips to the coffee shop and bookstore and quiet time.

As I mentioned, Dad and I spent the majority of Day 6 on the boat. We started our Daddy-Daughter day with the intention of letting Ellie and her dad, Jake, join us on the lake. This was a huge mistake because they are Labs. Labs + Water + Casting (which is a lot like throwing something to fetch) = CHAOS. Labs + Water + Casting + Ashley Driving the Boat While Dad Tries to Catch Bait Fish = Catastrophic Universal Implosion.

Don't let these cuties deceive you.
I was struggling against their collective 175 pounds with this hand. And driving with the other.
It was so bad, I could only get this one timer shot.
We let them get in the water, which calmed them down a little bit...but we ended up having Mom come down to the dock to get them so we could fish for fish, rather than dogs. It paid off since we caught 4 catfish, 5 stripers, and 3 large mouth bass.

Sister and Brother-in-law showed up for a late Christmas dinner and gift giving. It was wonderful to see them...
and I got some new shoes! These are practical ones (mostly) and have already come in handy!

Santa Claus (aka Ellie) got me some socks to go with them. Yay!
Unbeknownst to all of us, we created a little monster by allowing this to happen....
Ellie has been helping herself to gifts under the tree, even the ones for other dogs and some of us. Like these we found on the floor after dinner out this evening.
It doesn't help much that the packages she was allowed to open were full of things she loved, like this stuffie panda thing that she really really likes to squeak, gnaw, and fetch.
Day 7 was dreary, kind of grumpy....and may have something to do with the fact that I have basically moved in to my old room.
I spent a good portion of last night and today (Day 8) working on a little something special.

Oh, and look what we had this morning on Crossman Peak behind our house!
Other than a small adventure this morning to locate one of my favorite earrings I lost yesterday (it was in the Starbucks parking lot), it has been fairly quiet around the homeplace. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Miss Amy Gail and her mama, Lizzie, for New Year's Eve.

So be prepared. The next few blogs are going to be nothing but pictures of Amy Gail who I love so much it is kind of ridiculous, even if I only met her one time when I got to hear her heartbeat while she was still "on the inside."

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