Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Vacation, Day 4

It is possible that my computer is mended and my tonsils are almost healed up. Okay, it may be wishful thinking on both accounts but I am really really really really tired of being sick and having a sick computer.

After another day of resting (with the help of some Tylenol PM)...and shopping (Yay! New pants! Yay! New Shirt! Yay! New Dress-Tunic-Thingy!), I might actually get to do some fishing tomorrow. Dad says he will not let me on the boat with my tonsils still touching each other. I was not anticipating the being sick thing, but I came prepared for subzero weather, and I think if I wear everything in my suitcase plus the warmies from my stash of field clothes in my car, I won't catch a chill or pneumonia or anything like that. I swear I will not get sicker by catching a mess of fish. In fact, I think it will make me feel much better.

Does this sound like a desperate enough plea? Are you reading this, Dad?

I. Want.To.Go.Fishing.


Anonymous said...

ok we go fish if you clean your room and all the rascal fish i catch today

Archaeology Ash said...

My room isn't bothering anyone! How about whoever catches the most fish doesn't have to clean them...better sharpen your knives, Dad!