Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Vacation, Day 2

The Second Gift of Christmas has just laptop also has a virus! I'll add some antibiotics to it tomorrow...or Sunday.

It's just a thing really. A bit of a lifeline type of thing, but a thing nonetheless.

Yes, I am crying just a little bit about the idea of losing years of pictures, but my thesis is safely backed up on a thumb drive...and well...published and bound. I might lose some really interesting archaeology articles and one or two knitting patterns, but I know some knitters and have a filing cabinet worth of journal articles I will probably never look at again (but will continue to move to every house I ever live in until my currently non-existent children have to clean out my attic 50 to 60 years from now)...

I heard someone say the other day - "In all things, a blessing." I take that to mean that everything in life, even the hard, uncomfortable events, the huge curveballs we didn't expect are really just blessings in disguise. I am trying to apply that to this current situation, but I haven't quite figured out what the blessing might be where computers are concerned.

I also heard the phrase "En vino veritas" and since I am drinking a big o' glass of the stuff, I have to say...sometimes things just suck.

But seriously. "In all things, a blessing" is a good thought to have this Christmas Eve. Especially right now while so many of us are nursing the wounds from a Year Unexpected. Divorce, jobs changing, jobs ending, homes changing by choice or not, money problems, health problems, relationship problems...sometimes it is hard to see the blessings in the hardships.

But they are there.

Just think about it.

Step back and look at the bigger picture.

If A had not happened, would you have had time to do B and been happy for the first time in a long time? If C had happened differently, you might never have had the courage to try D. You might have missed an adventure. You might have never learned that new thing about yourself. You might have been stuck, trapped, mired in something or some place you were never meant to be. You might have been miserable one way, but now you have a chance to be full of joy and Life.

On Christmas Eve, it is important to remember that unexpected Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. Under Christmas trees. In Mangers.

And maybe from Spyware.

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