Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Night Knitting...Its What the Cool People Do.

November is for Creativity. This is one of the established rules of November, and one that I am happy to embrace fully.

Saturday night is about reading archaeology articles (Yohe 1998 - Rose Spring Site bow and arrow, very interesting - and I didn't doze off!), eating truffles, and drinking wine. Saturday night is also about a little touch of insomnia. And learning how to make cables. Of the knitted variety.

Tonight I have cast on a new project having just cast off and blocked my Super Secret Surprise for a certain little lady named Amy. Shh...I can't even sort of show you in case her mom reads this.

I am planning to make one of these: An Outdoor Seating Spot that I can carry in my backpack to the field, on a hike, and one of these days, on a climbing trip. I am notorious for carrying more than I possibly need, and for loading my backpack so that it weighs approximately half of my size. Plus I just bought myself a tent, which means adventures in the Great Outdoors of the overnight variety are about to become much more common. Dry, warm derriere - hooray!

I haven't made it very far just yet, but I'll keep you posted. I am starting to think that rather than consuming two desserts a night - which, let's be honest, is tantamount to eating my feelings - I should knit those feelings into something useful and pretty to look at instead.

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Anonymous said...

Amy reads blogs!!! And she loves cables. And she loves you.