Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Night Music

One of my favorite things about Miles City(and one of the things I miss the most) was Open Mic Night every (or at least most) Friday Night. People from all over town would come out of the woodwork with their voices and instruments, meet in an established location, and sing or play their hearts out for everyone or no one in particular. It was a nice way to cap off the week, visit with friends, and make new ones.

No matter your walk of life, political leanings, or spiritual stances, nothing brings people together like music. Friends are made over shared taste in tunes...but as is the case in my house, enemies are made with your neighbors over the amount of bass/sub-woofer one should play with their gangta rap. On my easy-going Friday night, I am listening to something remotely like "apple bottom boom boomm jeans boomm booom booom and the boots with the fuuuur...boom boom boom boom the whole club boom boom was lookin' at her boom boom she hit the floor...boom boom low low low low..." from the other side of the wall.

To compensate, I am trying to listen to one of my favorite bands. And you should too. The first song they play is my favorite right now. And the last song too.

I wish I could add songs to every blog - then you might know exactly what mood I'm in while you are reading along. I also wish I could have the Avett Brothers standing in my cubicle Monday morning. They could ride to the field with me. Play their songs and follow me while I walk transects.

Hey, don't judge me. A single girl can dream, alright?

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