Friday, October 15, 2010

Ten Years...

Has it really been that long?

Am I really, really here, right now, in Lake Havasu, for my ten year reunion? (Actually ten 1/2 years, but who is really counting...)


Does this fact require a photo montage of high school - big bangs, bad clothes...skinny legs and all?


While I scour the photo albums - remember when you used to have to take your rolls of film in for development - piled high in my parent's basement for the best and worst of the lot (best of me, worst of Sister....or will you be able to tell the difference?), I thought I might provide some tunes, specifically just a couple of songs that really really really remind me of high school....not because they necessarily came out during high school...but because I listened to them all the time.

Some Green Day....

Some Blink 182

Some Weezer (which I listened to all the way here)

A little Lisa Loeb

Some Sarah McLachlan...

And I would be lying if I didn't mention how much I listened to this little group you might have heard of...

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