Friday, October 8, 2010

In Which Mom Comes to Visit, Day 1....

We went to Lone Pine for some recreating. Whitney Portal Trailhead. Just to look. It made us happy.
How could it not?

We had some trouble taking pictures together...

But we played a little on some rocks.

Mom wasn't so sure.
But my Chacos were happy to be back on granite again.
Our real destination was down in the Valley. In the Alabama Hills.
The Lone Pine Film Festival is this weekend, so we had to fight some traffic...but we found a very pretty place with very few people (actually...we didn't see a soul) near the Gunga Din site. That's right. Like the movie.
We learned three interesting facts about Ellie today.
1. Even after walking and walking and walking, she will still find a stick to fetch.
2. She is part mountain goat...she takes the high ground when possible and will follow me up any rock I can go up.

3. Sometimes, she just likes to enjoy the scenery.
And we finally got a good picture. Thanks to some film aficionados. Not my mad timer-setting skills.
Thanks for being here with me, Mom. You make me feel like I am strong enough to do this whole damn thing called life.


Anonymous said...

You are strong enough to do this thing called life!

Anonymous said...

Hike on, girl! M