Sunday, October 24, 2010

Get your shoes on.


This weekend's adventures....

On Friday, trail run in the Rademacher Hills outside of town. This is the view from the car, since running up the trail does not really make carrying a camera the easiest thing to do.
Not the greatest view from below, but the hills are quite dramatic when you get to the top and run from high point to high point. And by run, I mean awkwardly trip up and down the trail at a faster- than-normal-walking rate, trying not to step on Ellie who thought I was being weird.

On Saturday, be lazy. Watch an abnormal number of movies, sleep through the majority of them...and knit a shawl/scarf thingy.
Not that I needed another scarf or a shawl, but I loved this soft organic cotton yarn and wanted to make something. Finish something, actually. Wish I had more to make a blanket, but my big-arse needles are currently occupied...

On Sunday, visit friends in Lone Pine. That's right. FRIENDS! Granted, they are Sister's friends, and I only met them last March before they moved to ALASKA, but I think it counts. It was nice to talk to real people who already sort of know me.

We went for a hike outside of Lone Pine, in the Inyo National Forest. We started near Tuttle Creek, and hiked up the canyon to the Ashram.

The leaves were still changing in the drainage, which was beautiful.
The clouds moving over the Sierra were amazing, but moving quite fast. The pictures are a little washed out because the sun would appear...disappear...appear...disappear. But it didn't make the views from the Ashram any less spectacular.

You might have noticed the lack of my four-legged partner in crime in all of my seems Miss Ellie has herself a little bout of giardia. Gag. And stink!

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