Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Ellie was not pleased being a rhinestone cowgirl.

But she was willing to let go of her jack o lantern stuffie long enough to wish you a Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Try to leave some of the big ones for the rest of us...

The Furry One

Dear Ellie -
I realize sometimes I suck. I realize that nearly every weekend since we moved from that place we used to call home, I have taken you somewhere fun to play. I realize that you are a lab, and you have energy and enthusiasm, and needs - the most important of which are love, attention, and exercise. I know that sometimes I come home from work in the middle of the afternoon to eat lunch and let you outside to pee and then I have to leave again and you have to go back to sleeping on the couch and waiting for me to return. Sometimes when I come back home, I have had bad days and the only energy I can muster is to pet you, feed you, and then go to bed. Which I understand is disappointing when you had your hopes up for something more fun.

It won't always be like that. But sometimes it will be. And I am sorry.

So in the meantime, Little Furry One. Please don't punish me for my inattention. Please. I understand that those beef flavored pills are delicious, but you are only allowed 2 a day...not 20. And I am not really sure what is so great about my underwear, but if you could try not to eat the giant field underwear - the ones intended to be kind of comfortable and therefore have more material than most other pairs I own - I think we might get through this transition period okay.

Yes, swallowing 5 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide is difficult, and no one wants to do it, but I need you to get sick so you will not have a heart attack because those beef flavored pills raise your blood pressure. Yes, spending two nights in Death Valley and not getting to go outside for a hike because I was distracted by an unexpected outflow of emotion and worry and left your leash and collar at home on Thursday does stink a whole lot.

But...just as soon as I come back from the office, we'll go to the park. You can chase the ball until you are tired and won't let it go. Then we can come home and sit on the couch while I try to concentrate on finishing this report. And if I get enough done, and it isn't raining tomorrow, I will take you back to Sagebrush Flat and we can hike to the top of the hill this time.

You are a sweet girl and I like having you around. And I am not just saying that because you are my only friend in this town. Let's call a truce and reach an understanding from here on out. Okay?


Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday...

to my favorite brother-in-law. Granted, you are my only one....but still my favorite, nonetheless!

May the next 30 be as memorable as the last 30....old man. :-)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Get your shoes on.


This weekend's adventures....

On Friday, trail run in the Rademacher Hills outside of town. This is the view from the car, since running up the trail does not really make carrying a camera the easiest thing to do.
Not the greatest view from below, but the hills are quite dramatic when you get to the top and run from high point to high point. And by run, I mean awkwardly trip up and down the trail at a faster- than-normal-walking rate, trying not to step on Ellie who thought I was being weird.

On Saturday, be lazy. Watch an abnormal number of movies, sleep through the majority of them...and knit a shawl/scarf thingy.
Not that I needed another scarf or a shawl, but I loved this soft organic cotton yarn and wanted to make something. Finish something, actually. Wish I had more to make a blanket, but my big-arse needles are currently occupied...

On Sunday, visit friends in Lone Pine. That's right. FRIENDS! Granted, they are Sister's friends, and I only met them last March before they moved to ALASKA, but I think it counts. It was nice to talk to real people who already sort of know me.

We went for a hike outside of Lone Pine, in the Inyo National Forest. We started near Tuttle Creek, and hiked up the canyon to the Ashram.

The leaves were still changing in the drainage, which was beautiful.
The clouds moving over the Sierra were amazing, but moving quite fast. The pictures are a little washed out because the sun would appear...disappear...appear...disappear. But it didn't make the views from the Ashram any less spectacular.

You might have noticed the lack of my four-legged partner in crime in all of my seems Miss Ellie has herself a little bout of giardia. Gag. And stink!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


So Sister came for dinner. And dessert. (Add wine and extra chocolate chips to fat free ice tastes a lot better!)
It was awesome.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I miss my Book Club

Not that we always read the books.

But I miss having somewhere to go every second Monday of the month to drink wine, eat snacks with themes, and talk. Sometimes about the book. Sometimes about the next book. Sometimes about books that we read before. Sometimes about nothing in particular...

So I Skyped with them!

Hello Wilder! Hello Marissa and Emery! Hello Amanda, Jen, Sarah and Annie! I miss you all very much! See you in a month for Freakanomics...
And oh my goodness! It is a two for one Skype day!

Hi, Ms.Lizzie!!! Hi, AGJ!

Lizzie and I folded clothes...
This totally makes up for a day of being drenched in the field while wearing Carhartts....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Reunited and it feels so...


I am finally home from a weekend FULL of reunion festivities. The event and all the behind-the-scenes organizing made it feel just like ten years ago and every other high school event I ever had the pleasure of putting together. Thank goodness for friends like Erica and Dave who helped keep the sanity and spirits up...and for Leo who said "why yes, your life is sort of COMPLICATED right now and the last thing you really want to do is plan a high school reunion. Here, let me make some calls." Go Team Reunion...And of course, the Parents, who (as with every high school event I ever had the pleasure of putting together), came to the rescue with event permits, ice chests, errands, and storage. And who didn't give me a curfew and even got out of bed to let me in the house at 2 AM when I realized I forgot my keys AND DIDN'T GROUND ME!!!
So what did the LHHS Class of 2000 Reunion weekend entail?

Despite some serious contemplation over the possibility of impressing people with our phenomenal dancing skills, reinterpreted from the best reunion film ever...

....we all met at the Homecoming Football Game, where all of the high school students looked at us like the adults we were pretending to be and used phrases like "Excuse me, Sir, Ma'am" and who may or may not have been the children we babysat in high school to pay for prom dresses...
Here is a terribly blurry picture of the people who stuck around the game long enough to be in a picture....
Late Friday night was full of reminiscing, and for the goody-goodies (Me, Jenny, and Erica) you see in this throw-back photo...
...Friday was also for shocking people with our more grown-up sensibilities. In other words, we all showed up at a bar! Together!We did our best to continue the tradition of awkward group poses...And making sure we kept ourselves occupied with the task at hand, whether that be building gingerbread houses...
Or examining Desert Martinis....Saturday was the day of the BIG EVENTS, which included a family picnic at the City Beach. We had a good turnout (maybe 50ish people throughout the day). I should mention we had enough food to feed a small army of 200 people.
It was wonderful to meet the kids of so many of my classmates, though I missed meeting C's little S most of all!

We arranged for a boat to show up at the beach and take people for rides through the Channel and around the island. Since the picnic was for families, the beverages allowed on the beach were strictly kid-friendly. I was actually surprised at the number of adults who drank Capri Suns like they were going out of style. I guess we don't really grow up, do we?
Channel...Saturday evening was the Finale...a trip to this waterfront night club for further reuniting. And more food. Enough food to feed 50 people. And of course, 200 showed up to that.I made a ridiculous toast, but it allowed someone to get a good photo of about 1/3 of the people there.
A few more then and nows....
Observe the makings of a really high class club we are hanging out in...
I believe our glasses have improved....kind of...ask us our opinion again in 10 years.
Our footwear has improved tremendously. Worth taking pictures of, actually. 90s shoes were terrible, weren't they? (As observed in the shot below this one)

E- most of our old photos are ham-tastic. What happened to us???All in all, it was a nice weekend. I missed seeing some people, and wish that I had more time to chat with a few more of the folks who were there. I also wish that the upper-classmen who we spent nearly all of our time with had been around this weekend. What a happy group of people!
Oh, and one more thing. Sister is notably missing from all of our reunion shots because she had to work.
The Fab Four missed her terribly. Though I missed her the most. Sister - your hair is WAAY better these days. Though our tans were WAAY better back then.