Sunday, September 26, 2010

Listen to the River sing sweet songs...

These Chacos and Four Paws needed this.

The solitude of the trail. The peace bringing rushing of the river. No car horns, children screaming in my front yard, or perpetually waiting for the phone to give some sign of life.

Well, maybe I just needed those things. I am fairly certain Ellie just wanted to swim.

Ellie and I made our way up Nine Mile Canyon Road today into Kennedy Meadows for a lovely hike on the PCT along the South Fork of the Kern River. It was a little warm, but we were never very far from shade or water.
As promised, I made every attempt at timer pictures....most of which just turned out poorly.

In this one, I hit the button and then had to catch the camera.
In this one, I managed to get only myself and NOT the view upstream as I had intended. If you look at the photo above, you will see the view I was trying to give you at first. Of the river. Not down my shirt as it may appear.

In this one, I misjudged the direction of the camera, giving you a lovely view of the trail and a very tiny glimpse of me trying to get Ellie to pose.In this one, I tried to fix the previous shot, but the sun flare in the center sort of gets in the way.
In this one, I smudged the lens wiping off water drops and nearly lost my balance trying to prevent Ellie from launching herself into the river. Which she did immediately afterward.Ellie enjoyed herself thoroughly terrorizing trout and leading the charge down the trail.
She never got very far from me, and when she did, she stopped and waited for me to catch up. She may not be able to speak, but her facial expressions let me know that my bipedalism is truly my downfall.
My only retort to her sassiness - if she had opposable thumbs, we wouldn't have problems getting pictures.

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