Saturday, September 25, 2010

In Which I Become a Tour Guide

I am having trouble deciding what to do this weekend.

It is Saturday. It is hot. My house is officially unpacked except for 5 boxes meant for my new office.

So I went to the Maturango Museum to see what kind of area guides I could find.
I hear that though most of the rivers in this area were sucked dry by Los Angeles, there are some places I might be able to take Ellie for a swim. And perhaps take myself for a little hike.The trouble with (barely) knowing a total of 3 people in the area is that I am a little uncomfortable saying "Hey, wanna go for a hike?"

So tomorrow morning, I will cinch down my Chaco straps, load up some food and water, grab a headlamp (just in case...) and head out to Kennedy Meadows to be my own tour guide. I'll be sure to take lots of timer pictures...

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