Sunday, August 29, 2010

I can feel it in my bones.

That creep of night just a little earlier than last week. The fading intensity of the sun. The need for a sweater when I just convinced myself I may actually be able to wear shorts in public for the first time since high school...

I think Fall is coming.

Fall has, and always will be, my favorite time of year. When I was a kid, Fall was about birthdays, first day of school jitters, trying desperately to remember everything I learned last year in school so I could learn something new this year, pumpkins, apple and cinnamon scented candles, trading flip flops for sneakers, football games and cross country races, and wondering when the temperatures would dip below the century mark so we could start wearing our coats. (I did grow up in the desert, after all.)

As an adult, or at least effecting the veneer of an adult, Fall is all about the relief of Summer work. I love being an archaeologist because there is always so much to learn, so much to do, and so much to see. But Summer can be long - the extra hours of sunlight equate to extra hours of work, long days in the field, followed by short nights of sleep. The pace is fast, hectic, exciting, full of restlessness and the need to be outside. To scream and laugh and run wildly in the sunshine. Fall brings the promise of rest. The chance to take a deep breath and slooww down. And eat soup for dinner.

Fall this year is going to be full of metaphors for me. Turning 29 for the first time. First day jitters. The fade of sunshine in different ways. A season of reflection. The turning of leaves. The reunion (literally) of old friends. Relearning everything that I thought I knew how to do from all those years before.

But I digress. What I really wanted to say, and I think that Miss Ellie Joy expresses my sentiments exactly (even 5 years after this picture was taken):

Welcome, Fall. We are glad to see you.

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amandab said...

Yay, fall!! I feel like knitting again! (at least when it's raining)