Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where to begin?

Grandma Alice and Grandma Joan keep asking if I am still blogging. I guess that's a subtle hint that I need to get something posted soon.

In response to that, I've been trying to think of the most effective way to convey everything that's been going on since May (i.e. the subject of my last blog). Suffice to say, I have been riiidiculously busy with work, family visits, friend visits, vacation, and general home improvements. I have also been attempting to follow this checklist, as promised. The status, you ask?

1. Finish knitting booties and a hat for my friend Katy's new baby, Alexis. (even though she lives in Florida and really needs sunglasses and a bathing suit)
Not finished. One bootie turned out giant, the other is still on the needles, and the hat was totally scrapped when I realized that not only does Katy live in Florida, she lives on the beach.

2. Finish Aunt Jeannie's Christmas gift.
Aunt Jeannie, I have managed to wash the fabric.

3. Send cousin Breogan his Christmas gift.
Breogan, your gift will be arriving in December of 2009. I hope this doesn't mean I am totally out of the family Christmas gift drawing because I failed to send your gift all the way to Brussels. On a related note, I entered part of your Christmas gift in the Eastern Montana Fair. If I win a ribbon, I'll send it to you.

4. Send best friend A.B. her Christmas gift.
A, your gift was also entered in the Eastern Montana. I'm keeping the ribbon I win for your gift since you made fun of me for entering stuff in the fair.

5. Send my niece the new outfit I bought her a month ago and hope that it still fits.
Sophie recieved her new outfit, it did fit, and she's about to get a whole other box of goodies.

6. File the pile of thesis reference articles in the office and the guest bedroom. And by file I mean set on fire.
"Filing" would be a bit of stretch, but articles were put into a drawer, in roughly alphabetical order. No fires as of yet.

7. Paint the new trim and old trim throughout the downstairs. And by paint I mean, choose and purchase paint and wait for my sister-in-law to get here in May.
Casey opted to play the Wii instead.

8. Run every day. No really. I swear I will.
Well, I was.

9. Read 5 new books. Only ones with predictable plots and amazing heroines who fight crime and fall in love with vampires and other men who are no good for them.
Pretty much I have read 2 new books a week since May. Its been great. I've even started a little book club. We meet once a month. None of us recommend any books by Jimmy Buffet. He has good music, but terrible writing skills.

10. Call everyone I know and NOT talk about my thesis. I'll provide topics such as "How bad has Ellie been this month? What did you have for dinner this week? Did you hear that so and so are dating/hating/mating with so and so?"

Of course that's not all. Here's a break down, in photos. I'll be quick.

I planted a garden. While I was hopeful there would be a lot of vegetables, the only productive plants have been the tomatoes and banana peppers. The squash died, the strawberries were shocked from being transplanted, the cauliflower got slugs, the cucumbers are still trying, and only one carrot is still chugging away. The neighbors cat crapped all over the place, dug up the first set of cucumber plants, all the peas, and I am pretty sure all but that one carrot. I had to put netting over the whole thing.
We celebrated one year of living in Montana by attending the world famous Bucking Horse Sale. Someone referred to it as "the Mardi Gras for cowboys." It most definitely was. This is the only picture I felt was worthy of posting.
Linda, Casey, and Josh all came for a week long visit - along with two birds and three West Highland Terriers. We took them on a whirlwind tour of Yellowstone. Believe it or not, it was the first time I had ever been there. There were lots of baby bison, and lots of rotten egg smells. There were also roughly 200 photos; here are just a few of them.

In July, I got a new bike. I still wish I had a scooter. But this is still pretty cool.

We also finally got around to painting our bedroom. The previous owners decided that doing a half-ass job of patching cracks in the plaster was totally acceptable. Unfortunately, that only meant extra work for us. We had to sand down all of the extra patching materials so that the walls would be even. They aren't great, but its a lot better than it used to be. We chose chocolate brown for three walls and a lighter brown for the funny curved wall and the ceiling. We put up new blinds and painted the trim white again.
Here is the before:

And the after.
And last, but not least, especially in R's humble opinion, we finally got a second vehicle. Granted, its only drivable by one person in our household, but its a second rig, nonetheless. Here's some of R's artsy-fartsy photos.August has been busy and exciting enough to warrent at least two seperate blogs, which I plan to write one of these days.

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