Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Still waiting for Spring...

And the foot of snow we got over the weekend is not helping it show up any faster. Anyone out there care to wager a bet - when do you think our last snowfall for the year will be?

I can't believe March has already come and gone. R and I have been keeping ourselves VERY busy and I have been a bad girl about keeping you up to date. (Though not as bad as Lizzie, who won't post a new blog.) I guess I better get you caught up, but since I am a little short on time tonight...I'll just tell you what we've been doing to our house.

One of R's best friends from college, Reginald, has been living in Billings for the last few months. He's been down to MC three times now, and we hope he can come back down some more before he goes back to Portland. One weekend while he was here, we put new baseboards down in the tv room, living room, and dining room. I think it looks awesome.

Here are Reggie and R hard at work:
The Dining Room Before:
The Dining Room After:

The Living Room Before:
The Living Room After (with lots of dust)
The TV room before:
The TV Room after:
We still have some painting to do, but it will probably wait for another weekend. We also need to put some "quarter round" at the base of the baseboards. Though our floors are awesome, they don't actually meet the walls in some places and there are a few unappealing gaps. We've pulled a few marbles and coins out of the gaps - not ours - and are a little afraid of what else we might find. Spiders? Snakes? Mysterious hairballs, perhaps?

Next we plan to paint the dining room, replace the old chair rail with some newer, wider ones, and redo the trim around the door to the kitchen. Any suggestions for dining room colors would be greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow: What we've been doing for fun...

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TucsonLizzie said...

Your baseboards look lovely! What a big difference they make. I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long, it's just that I've been spending all day, every day looking forward to your visit! 30 more days!!!