Monday, March 23, 2009

Main Street is on Fire

A sad day in our town:

An entire block in our historic downtown went up in flames this morning, destroying at least 5 buildings and 7 business including the only fabric shop and our neighbors' floral shop. We could see the fire from our office all day - it was really sad knowing we couldn't do anything to help. Here is a video of the fire

In case the video doesn't work from the blog, here is a link to the site:
And here are some photos my friend Nina took.

And one from the local paper when the fires first started:
And in case you are wondering what it looked like before, here is a photo I took exactly a year ago when we came to Miles City for the first time to find a place to live. Everything on the left side of the frame is gone from the red sign in the distance to the Big Sky Pharmacy sign.

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katie o. said...

How sad. Fires are so depressing. I remember when Brooks Hall, home of Terry College of Business at UGA burned in 1995 (yes, I am that old)-I was at work at the bookstore and went to watch the firefighters doing their best to save what they could. It was awful to think of the history wasted within the charred building. I hope no one was hurt in the fire in your town, and that they are able to rebuild soon.