Monday, March 23, 2009

Main Street is on Fire

A sad day in our town:

An entire block in our historic downtown went up in flames this morning, destroying at least 5 buildings and 7 business including the only fabric shop and our neighbors' floral shop. We could see the fire from our office all day - it was really sad knowing we couldn't do anything to help. Here is a video of the fire

In case the video doesn't work from the blog, here is a link to the site:
And here are some photos my friend Nina took.

And one from the local paper when the fires first started:
And in case you are wondering what it looked like before, here is a photo I took exactly a year ago when we came to Miles City for the first time to find a place to live. Everything on the left side of the frame is gone from the red sign in the distance to the Big Sky Pharmacy sign.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Can See the Light

And it has a lot fewer red marks.

So just a quick update: the latest thesis draft is back, with FAR fewer corrections and comments than the first draft. I am feeling much better about the whole situation. The third draft is due to the rest of my thesis committee by Friday. Once they have a look, I will FINALLY be able to set a defense date.

To celebrate the light at the end of this tunnel, I have compiled a short list of the things I intend to do between the final edits and defense date.

1. Finish knitting booties and a hat for my friend Katy's new baby, Alexis. (even though she lives in Florida and really needs sunglasses and a bathing suit)
2. Finish Aunt Jeannie's Christmas gift.
3. Send cousin Breogan his Christmas gift.
4. Send best friend A.B. her Christmas gift.
5. Send my niece the new outfit I bought her a month ago and hope that it still fits.
6. File the pile of thesis reference articles in the office and the guest bedroom. And by file I mean set on fire.
7. Paint the new trim and old trim throughout the downstairs. And by paint I mean, choose and purchase paint and wait for my sister-in-law to get here in May.
8. Run every day. No really. I swear I will.
9. Read 5 new books. Only ones with predictable plots and amazing heroines who fight crime and fall in love with vampires and other men who are no good for them.
10. Call everyone I know and NOT talk about my thesis. I'll provide topics such as "How bad has Ellie been this month? What did you have for dinner this week? Did you hear that so and so are dating/hating/mating with so and so?"

Ahh, I cannot wait.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ain't Wastin' Time No More...

So I turned in the 2nd draft of my thesis this morning at 6:00 AM. I'm tired.

But the good thing about being done with that is...and possibly the best thing... now I can dork around on the internet all I want. You see, the internet gets unplugged in our house as soon as we get home from work. Apparently I am good at keeping myself over stimulated with the world wide web, and even though I still managed to write 120 pages, someone in my house thought I was wasting my time.

So here are the goodies I found today.
Its got some naughty words, but totally worth the read. I knew bunnies were out to get us.
The earliest blogs are the best. Terrible how right on these things are.

Will Ferrel. Enough said.

In case you are wondering, I will begin making phone calls, responding to emails, and posting regular blogs. That is, of course, until I get my next round of edits...