Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ketchup...Catsup...Catch up

And mustard.

Three weeks since my last blog means this is going to be a long one. And trust me, we've been up to plenty.

Before I recount the past 20 some days, I better let you know that we finally finished the bathroom. I say "we," but R actually did all the work. If you will recall, the upstairs bathroom was pretty hideous. The tile around the tub was pink, the linoleum floor was coming up, the giant sink crowded the toilet (the one Dad helped rip out), and the walls looked like someone had a bad night of drinking with Regan MacNeil and Jackson Pollack. We aren't sure who won that battle, because if you will remember from the mud room, a similar atrocity was performed.

Observe the before.

For a mere $25 at the Billings Lowe's, R and I purchased the supplies necessary to replace the floors. It seems that the prior inhabitants had a similar idea, and instead of pulling up the original linoleum from the 1950's, just added theirs right on top. It took R two solid days to get the linoleums and all the associated glue off the floor. While he was waiting for the solvent to dry completely, he went ahead and painted the walls a lovely sage green. And since there was no shower, figured out an ingenious way to install one over the bathtub. We are quite happy with the results, but as soon as we get the money for a claw foot tub, we'll probably start all over again.

Here are some pictures of R putting down the linoleum.
Apparently it is a hard and messy job - he got glue in his hair and all over the dogs. As you can see from the bottom left hand corner of the above picture, Ellie was pretty curious about the whole event.
I arrived home from my Wednesday night knitting group in time to help weigh down the floor with all of our school books. I think this was the most useful they have been in a while.
And here is the finished product, once the toilet, sink, and pictures were replaced.

Pretty cozy, huh? Sort of makes you want to...sit down and think for a while. The circular shower curtain hides the pink tile and makes a nice little cave for enjoying a hot bath and a glass of wine.

So now back to the last few weeks.

The weekend of July 11, Mom flew into Billings from Vegas to stay with us for a week. It was great!

We started out her visit by taking her to our favorite coffee shop in town, Caffe Utza, for homemade pastries and a rousing game of Scrabble.Then she and I went to the most amazing fabric store in Eastern Montana called "The Enchanted Room." It is actually 3 towns over in Glendive, about an hour and a half from here. I didn't take any pictures of us at the store, but here is all the fabric I got. I have some big plans for them, and if you are interested, you can see what they will be here.
We made "fun-du" for dinner on Saturday night. Nothing makes you crave melty cheese like a long day of fabric shopping.
On Sunday, we all took the dogs to Spotted Eagle Lake so they could get some exercise. We've found that our dogs are very misbehaved when people are around, but behave better if we let them play outside really hard. Plus its kind of fun to watch them retrieve and swim, like they were bred to do.On Sunday afternoon, we put Mom to work. Here we are FINALLY painting the parlor.
Since everyone else got to help us do something with our house, we saved painting this room until she got here. I'll post more pictures when we finally get all of the furniture in there.

We managed to keep Mom uber-busy while she was here, only letting her have one day to herself while we were at work. On Monday, we took her out to the field to give her an idea of what our jobs are like. We drove for about 3 hours, only to make her walk A LOT. We also took her out to see some more dinosaurs on Thursday, but it turns out that the only one who got any pictures of that...was Mom! And she didn't let me see them so I can post them on my blog! Oh well, here are some of us at the "Moose Crossing" site overlooking the badlands where the dinosaurs were found.
Throughout the week we taught Mom some new skills, like how to read a compass, spot artifacts, and pee outside. I think she'll make a great archaeologist if she ever decides to leave the 2nd Grade!We left Mom in Billings on Friday and flew to San Diego for our friend Lauren's wedding. Here's a beautiful picture of the bride and her father. It was such a fun filled weekend that I am going to have to save that for a whole other blog.
Thanks for coming to see us, Mom....and send us your pictures soon!


jenny said...

Love all the renovations in your house! They're so pretty! Please blog about Lauren's wedding soon! I am excited to see it, too!

I'll email after fieldwork; it's quite difficult to access our webmail here. Say hi to ryan for me. Take care.

katie o. said...

Oh, I like the bathroom remodel-muuuucchhh beter! And aren't moms great for being so nice and willing to help out with whatever?

katie o. said...

grrr.."better" I need to proofread!