Thursday, June 12, 2008


It is true what they say about colors - they really do have an effect on your mood.

On our third day in the house, Linda and I painted the kitchen. If you remember seeing pictures from the house at UIR, we had the most amazing orange kitchen. It was cozy, inviting, and made you want to sit down and eat a big hearty meal.

The kitchen in this house has horribly outdated cabinets in a DARK DARK laminate. Since replacing them is no where in the budget for the next 10 years, I tried to come up with a color that would look good with the dark fake wood. Enter Robin Egg Blue, as seen here behind Dad and me.

And here against the dark wood cabinets, though the kitchen is in a state of utter disarray.
We tried and tried to get used to the color. We didn't want to spend time in the kitchen because it felt too...sterile? If it were any other room but the kitchen, it would have been awesome . In fact, if you come to stay with us at all, it will be the color in the guest room.

We decided to go ahead and try orange again, despite the possibility that it would be too dark. And here's how it turned out!
See, happy already!

And here is the finished product. Now we can't seem to stay out of the kitchen. Eating and cooking is so much more enjoyable.
And while we were at it, we decided to take care of some of the Exorcist artwork. Remember this?Well, here it is now. Looking toward the once gross wall, and then toward the kitchen.Muuuuch better! Not that this color will make me want to do laundry any more, but at least the view from the stove is pleasant.

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gabrielle said...

wow!!! you two have been busy!!! the floors look amazing as well as the blue in the living room and kitchen!!! i love both shades!!! it looks incredible... can't wait to see more!

love you both - xoxo