Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things we've done so far...

Despite what it may seem like from my other blogs, R and I have actually been doing other things in Miles City besides remodeling the house.

The first weekend we were here, this man came to town.
Though we are obviously not Hillary fans, neither one of us had ever seen a president - unless the Lincoln Memorial counts - and there was no way we were going to miss seeing one who came all the way out to Miles City. To show our unyielding support for Barack, we only stayed to take this picture, hear him say hello, and note how tan he looks.

The Monday after Memorial Day, I started my job. Here I am ready for grown-up work. Coffee and all.
If you will observe, I am wearing a skirt in this photo. No one wears skirts in my office. In fact, I am not sure if I have seen any one wear anything but jeans and other field-y clothes. Strange, but I guess Casual Everyday is a good thing. There aren't many (read: any) places to shop in Miles City and it would be difficult to have enough professional clothes in ones wardrobe unless you shopped online or went to Billings a lot.

R got himself a fancy new lawnmower. He likes that he can keep the yard looking lovely, and do good things for the environment. Plus gas is too expensive, and let's be honest....if we had to choose, we would rather have money to put gas in our car rather than have a nicely manicured yard.I have been psuedo-gardening. The person who lived here before put in a lot of really beautiful plants. I am still trying to decide what they all are, so in the meantime...I just cut off the dead flowers and wait for something else to bloom.
I joined two softball teams - the BLM coed team, which plays every Friday night, and the BLM women's team, which plays every Monday night. I am just as bad at softball now as I was way back in the 6th grade when Amber Kay and I got benched every game so girls like Callie Behmer could keep playing. The one good thing about being a token member (we have to have 3 women on the coed team in order to play) of a softball team is that at least I get to be in the field. Right field to be more precise. My years of tennis have paid off though - I haven't struck out once so far! Here I am looking slightly awkward at bat.In all fairness, the entire team kinda stinks. Most of them are there to drink...Capri Suns and Juice boxes...and aren't too upset when we lose. I can't say that much about the teams in our league, who are all very aggressive. And burly. R is using the opportunity to coach me from the sidelines, drink his own...Capri Suns and Juice boxes...and meet the other spouses who are also required to attend the games on Monday nights.

R joined a bowling league that meets on Tuesday nights. The guy who asked him to be part of his league is pretty good, which in turn challenges R to bowl better. I won't pretend to know what R's average is, but I know that its over 220. Perhaps we'll join a league together in the winter so I can get better. I think gutter balls should count for something at least.
Sorry, action bowling shots are blurry.

On Wednesday nights, I am going to a knitting group. I am currently working on a project for my niece-phew (Sex to be determined in a few weeks). I want it to be somewhat of a surprise, so I am not going to show you any pictures just yet. Though if you are on Ravelry, you might get to see it.

And finally, we've started making some friends with a few people in the office. We've been to a couple of barbeques and even had some folks over for dinner last night.

R starts work on Monday, so it looks like home improvement projects will start slowing down. He did finish the upstairs bathroom, which I will post about shortly.

Oh, and if you are wondering about the dogs...they are doing just fine. Ellie is really enjoying the fact that she can smell the flowers without getting stickers in her nose.

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Sony said...

And you're staying busy. Wow! How do you do it all!?! I have trouble just getting out of bed in the morning. ;)