Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome to Miles City!

After our heinous drive through most of Wyoming, we arrived safely on I-94 heading toward Miles City.

The landscape went from rugged, snow covered mountains, to these gentle rolling plains under big blue skies. In my opinion, equally beautiful...We rolled into Miles City around 4:00. We were a little concerned because the city welcome sign wasn't actually near a city.
We were able to locate my office right off the bat.
Here is main street. Pretty cute, huh?
We figured the best thing for us to do once we got checked into our hotel would be to check out the local saloons, for the atmosphere more than the drinks.

This bar is the Montana Bar, and is the oldest in town. Lots of original fixtures, including a huge cash register, a rifle mounted over the register, and a marble urinal in the men's room.

Did you know you can gamble in bars here? All of them have poker tables and slot machines.
Only thing missing? We forgot our cowboy hats!

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