Monday, March 17, 2008

Montana Bound, Part I

It is finally March and time for us to visit Miles City to find a place to live.

We left early Saturday morning...or late Friday night for some people.Our local free paper had an auspicious poster in it this week. It said "See America: Welcome to Montana."

The beginning of our trip was not so very exciting. There was a lot of this...
We took I-25 through New Mexico and Colorado. Our destination for Saturday night was Fort Collins, Colorado, where Holly and Nick just moved with their new lab puppy, Sienna.
The weather was great the entire day...the sun was shining, the views were spectacular, and the traffic was light. Exactly what you wish for when you travel 14 hours in one day.

Holly, Nick and Sienna had a pot of chili and some cold beers waiting for us when we got to Fort Collins. We spent the evening chatting and playing with the puppy.

When we got up on Sunday, however, it seemed as though our good travel luck was through.

Gotta boogie, but I'll write some more later this afternoon...

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