Friday, February 29, 2008

Never Say Die (Part 2)

Ok, you have to watch it all the way through. See! Doesn't it look like the ship that washed up on shore?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Never Say Die!

Did you hear about that shipwreck that has washed up on the Oregon coast?

Well, I'm not a detective, but I think I know who that ship belonged to and what happened to it. This is what it used to look like.

Clearly, it was the ship that belonged to the pirate One Eyed Willie. He hid it in this fabulously spooky cavern near Astoria, Oregon (because that's where pirates like to hang out), which you could only access by way of tunnels underneath abandoned restaurants. Only two people have ever found it: an archaeologist named Chester Copperpot, and Mikey Walsh...who had this key thing.
The whole thing played out while Cyndi Lauper serenaded. But for some reason I can't add it to this post, so check the one above it!

Friday, February 8, 2008

It was a Super Tuesday!

I know I am a little behind on posts, and I have a ton to tell you, but first, I wanted to share with you about our little campaign party we had on Super Tuesday.

If you didn't already know, R and I are huge supporters of Barack Obama - not simply for his charisma, but also for the progressive ideals and the change we truly believe he can bring to this country. We are tired of the same two families being in the White House - one of which has wreaked havoc on our freedom, injected our nation with a mindset of fear and prejudice, and hypocritically and unjustly touted moral authority. We liked Clinton, but we aren't so keen on his wife.

And no, Obama is not a Muslim. That's just a lie perpetuated by Fox News, that sinister of most sinister corporations. Except maybe Halliburton. He's a God-fearing Christian with a redemption story more sincere than most right-wing conservatives. Here, read it yourself.

Enough of that soapbox.

What I was really trying to tell you about was our Super Tuesday party! We had over some fellow supporters to watch the results come in. We tried to carry an Obama theme throughout...and I think we succeeded.

Lizzie brought an "Obama" bundt cake. See the resemblance?

I made a pot of minestrone soup with O shaped pastas.
Kacy brought some cheese and crackers. Round, of course.
And R contributed a box of Cherrios, which I turned into Marshmallow CherriObama treats. Sorry the picture is blurry.
R also created a map of the US and happy- and sad- faced Baracks. We added the sad faces to the states where he didn't win the most delegates, and happy faces to the states where he kicked Hillary's booty.And Lizzie's husband decorated himself.
All inall, it was a good time. We were only disappointed in the results because it wasn't a landslide (though it was in Alaska...thanks Molly!), but there are a lot states left and I think things are just getting good!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Barack and Roll

Thanks to Lizzie and Rob for passing along this awesome video. I can't get the video to link up just right, so you will have to click the link. Hope you enjoy it too!

Yes We Can